Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Home Schooling:Book It!

There are many fond memories I have of my childhood education. I would love to give my children those moments inside their home school education. Like, Weekley Reader, I loved Weekely Reader! I was commenting how one of my children sets of grandparents has offered to sponsor our children for Weekley Reader this coming fall when it starts back up again.
I had a good friend remind me of "Book It" this morning at our morning out park play with our other home school friends.I was just tickled to be informed that Pizza Hut,"Book It" is now acknowledging home schooler's. One of those positive memories is Pizza Hut's,Book It! I remember how excited I would be when I would come home with a certificate for a free pizza all my own. I remember taking my step-son for his first "Book It" pizza and how cute he was.

Here is the link for "Book It":

 Another great way to encourage reading. Hope you will sign up too!

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