Monday, July 11, 2011

My Journal: My Faith

There are a few things for me that come first and for most. My Faith, My Marriage, My Children and last but not least my relationships with my family and friends. 

I have this plan for myself. I think that I have the perfect road map to get there and then God comes along and shows me that I am going to take another road. At times I am not happy with his message. I am secure in saying that there are times I out rightly defy him. However with any Father figure he turns me right around and shows me how to return to the path that was laid out for me even before I planted my two feet on this earth. 
It is amazing how he designed us to listen to him through our hearts and bodies. My instincts as a wife, mother, sister and friend are always dead on when I truly listen. 

I love what I can hear when I am still and listen. I get caught up on auto pilot, I think the devil at times invented cruise control because he wanted you to take your mind of your purpose.

God called to me loud and clear this week. I had my plan and he showed me his. And I listened. I let me fears go and listened. When I shared this with one of the persons involved in caring this plan out, they smiled. Because I don't think it is often in their practice that they get to hear God's words loud and clear. 
So excuse my laps in posting but my blogging as been with God these last few weeks.

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