Thursday, January 27, 2011

Home Schooling-Alphabet Game

This is the "alphabet game" I came up with for my 5 year old homeschooler. You need to write out the alphabet as I did and also get a container of play dough. I bought a few colors and let the little guy pick which one he wanted to use. This week he is loving orange!

It is very easy to play. Have him/her break off some of the play dough and make three balls. We made each one a different size. You could also play with more then one child and use a different color for each child.

Then I called out the letter,size it was and what size ball he should use. Beyond the fact it was a wonderful way to use his letter recognition and have his confidence grow that he knew his letters,it also was a great listening skills game. It held his interest for a long time. He also requested to play the game again. Which made me feel great. I am finding that he truly enjoys hands on learning like this.

Let me know what's going on in your learning space!

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