Monday, January 17, 2011

A Gift From God!-Cynthia's Journal

I am proud to say I just came from where this photo was taken. Guanacaste Costa Rica! This is the sunset from the beach where we stayed. The trip was a true gift from GOD. This photo I did not take, that is something that is rare you will find on this blog, because I love to take photos!!

My husband was awarded this gift from his employer for going above and beyond in his job. My husband is known for above and beyond, but that in a journal entry for another day.

I can not say I wish I was still there, yes I had a wonderful time, however if you are a parent you know, to return home to the arms of your child is more fulfilling then an amazing vacation.

I will write about my time in Costa Rica again soon.

For now, I am going to easy back into my life, like you would an amazing hot bath, which is where I am headed now!!

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