Monday, May 14, 2012

Tonight this is where I am running too. 
How simple my life was over a month ago. 
My only worry was soaking in every moment with my children and making sure I documented it through my camera lens.
Every day my children ask me when are we going back to the magic of the amazing vacation we went on?
I sigh, and reply, some day soon. In my three year old's mind that is eternity because five minutes passing is a big deal to her. To the six year old that is a life time because each day takes forever. For my thirteen year old that is next spring break. For me it can not happen fast enough.

I am sorry I have not been a faithful writer. I think about you all every day. However I can not bring myself to just slap jiberish on this page. I want to give you quality to my creativity. So please be patient with me. Soon I will find my groove again and soon I will stop grieving the loss of not being on our amazing spring break all over again. 
I am counting down the days till next year and I am thrilled to say it is less then 365!

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