Monday, February 13, 2012

Gluten Free Cook Book My favorite Southern Man's Enemey!

This is one of my all time favorite pasta dishes lately! I just can't not get enough of it!

It just looks yummy! Greek Spinach Spaghetti with fresh Parmesan cheese!
And the Monkey's love it! We have it at least 3 times a month!

Well today I just could not help the craving for it. I made it for lunch, the Monkey's were excited! Southern Man arrived on the scene for lunch,the expression on his face when he saw what I had cooked for lunch left him looking, like some one smashed his lap top! Now, he does not gripe in front of the monkey's, however, when he asked,"why do you hate me so much?" I knew he was not happy! The good news is, he ate it and lived!! I think if we all had a chance to eat lunch with his mother she would give you quite a tale about spinach and her son!
Here are the ingredients to this great dish:
1Kraft Greek Dressing
2 bags of heartland gluten-free pasta
1/2 bag of frozen spinage
freshly grated Parmesan cheese
olive oil and salt for the cooking water.
It's so simple to make! In a large pot fill 3/4 way with water. Add olive oil and salt to the water. Wait for it to boil. Add in spinach and the pasta. Cook through the cooking time. Drain in a netted cullender.I also rinse it a bit with hot water. Once it is drained, drop it into a large serving bowl, add the Greek dressing, to your desired amount,grate the cheese over it toss and repeat! Then at the end, grate a bit more cheese! We love fresh grated cheese in this house!

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