Saturday, April 9, 2011

First Give Away!

Well I think it is about time we have our first give away!!

So you ask what am I going to give away??

I am giving away a pair of the women classic TOMS shoes. In the color of your choice and the best size for you. 

By, being rewarded with this giveaway you are also giving away a pair of shoes to some one in need. 
If you are not familiar with TOMS check out this link.

So here is the goal of the give away. I need to acquire 100 followers. When I have reached my goal of 100 followers that is when I will give away the FREE pair of TOMS shoes.

How do you win?
It is EASY!! For each follower you bring me you get a point the person that has brought me the most followers wins!! 

How will I know the follower came from you? Have your follower send me a quick e-mail with your name and that is how I will keep track!@

No, TOMS does not know I am doing this and the shoes are not being given away by them. I am purchasing the shoes!!

On your mark get set go!! The race is On!


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