Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Adventures with Animals Who is keeping watch?

Warning after you read this blog post you might run out and get a German Shepard. If you do, call me because I know the absolute best place to get one!!

It is 5:41am. If we are like Amazing Amigo's you would know that I am NOT a 5:41 am person. There are only limited reason I would EVER be up at this hour.
1. I have a brand new baby who needs to eat or a sick child
2.I have a brand new baby who needs to eat or a sick child
3.  It is Christmas Eve morning and I am up filling my home with amazing smells like one of Santa's Elves.
4. Santa just came some time ago and my children inner Santa alarm has gone off and they are ready to open gifts
5. I am leaving to catch a flight for an amazing trip!

Yes, I am aware that 1 and 2 are repeated.

So there I was a sleep which is the normal thing at 5:41am in this home. Along comes, who?
Yup, you got it Presley, Lady P, Pee Pee head! With this exact look on her face panting hard. I am thinking you crazy ********** Nut job animal what are you doing??? You know better then to wake Mommy up, I don't care you want to go down stares and blast my Ipod and dance!! Just go do it an let me be women!!

Except that is not at all what she wanted. She then did her jump up push over I am getting in bed with you move. Yup, I got pawed in the face! She is NOT smooth when it comes to that move. 

Pardon me, are you comfortable? I was just laying here in my bed sleeping thank you!!

No she was not, that then led to 5 minutes of tossing and turning. How was I going to get this crazy animal back to bed. Next came the heavy panting in my face. No she had not brushed her teeth yet, so you can only imagine how I was feeling now******** DOG!

OK, lovely animal you win I AM UP!!

Next a trip down stares to fill her KONG toy. If you do not have a KONG toy get one!! They rule at distracting and settling nerves in animals. 

Got the KONG filled that sucker up with soy butter and she followed me back up stares and settled down. 

Thank God, because I might have hurt her next or put her out in the yard!! 

As I climbed back into bed and over Southern Man, I noticed I had a missed call on my phone. I called it back and it was the emergency weather system alerting me there was a Tornado in my area and I needed to take cover! WHAT????? OH MY !!!
What if I had slept through that and something actually did happen and there I was woken to find my small sleeping children had been swept away to OZ!! 

Who is keeping watch at all times?? That is right, YOUR DOG!! 
 So the next time this face wakes me up, I am going to investigate a bit better!! The Tornado has passed and Presley has settled back down and is snoring away. But NOT before she went down the hall and checked her sleeping babies. 

I am so thankful for Presley who keeps watch so I can rest and soundly sleep every night. 

So Just call me or e-mail me if we are not amazing Amigos and I will tell you where to get the BEST German Shepard's EVER!!

It is a hidden secret. However once you know you won't be able to keep it!!

Thank you my sweet Presley for keeping watch!!

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  1. Most fantastic animal story I have herd in ages. Well done Ms. Presley. Give that dog some peanut butter in her special bone - she deserves it. The only thing Taffy wakes me up for is to chase the wallabies. lol! Pugsley is good at letting us know about maurauding mice in the winter - when everyone wants a warm place by the fire. lol!

    Good job Presley girl. Good choice Godchild!