Monday, March 26, 2012

No, I have not been carried away to another planet, no my children did not take over the house and lock me in a closet to have the keg party of a life time, no I have not run away with the hot UPS man that comes to my home and opened all the goodies on his truck, and no Southern Man did not Wis me away to Paris finally for the romantic trip of a life time. 

I am still here, more busy then I know what to do with. I promise VERY SOON I will let you all in on what's been on my VERY full PLATE!!

I will ask for prayer, good vibes, happy thoughts,a new or-ha, peace meditation or what ever else you can think of because my body has forgotten what it means to sleep longer then three hours!!
I am running on Santa busy season time right now and I am not wanting too!!

We have so many amazing blessing and events happening right usual Mommy and her "ME" projects come last right now!
Can any of you relate to that?

On a fun note!
I had the most delicious spinach,feta and artichoke quiche  for brunch with my Kido-s this am!
I bought the ingredients to make one today. 
Maybe I will post a quick photo of how it came out!
Check back in about 12 hours!

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